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Sharon Prince has been doing professional spiritual intuitive readings since 1992. She was born with a gift of awareness, which, through the years she has learned to develop. She was first consciously aware that she had a gift when she started getting premonitions at the age of twelve. As a teenager, she would pick up on information about people's personality characteristics and personal history after only five minutes of meeting them. In her early twenties she started getting information about future events through insights and visions, but it wasn't until her early thirties that she realized that she was what people call a "reader."

Sharon has traveled throughout the U.S. speaking, reading, and teaching classes on developing psychic awareness. She reads for an international clientele and has recently expanded her spiritual mission to include work in Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia and Slovenia. This summer, she had the privilege of teaching for a week on the Island of Pasman (Croatian Adriatic Coast) for the Harmony Program, with three other international spiritual teachers. In April 2011, she will debut her work in Glastonbury, England and anticipates expanding her work to Norway, Denmark, Austria, and Germany.

Drawing upon her background in Jungian psychology, Sharon is currently developing and adding new goddess workshops and classes to her curriculum. Rebirth of the Goddess--Empowering the Divine Feminine program will be a series of workshops designed to empower and enlighten women (and men). Her popular Greek Goddess Workshop is powerful and life-changing! She will be introducing a new class: The Wisdom of Mary Magdalene in Maribor, Slovenia in October.

Besides private readings, Sharon also offers past life regressions. Sharon’s first book, John of Old, John of New, is about her friend John Davis, a spiritual speaker, teacher and healer, who recalls his lifetime as John, the Beloved Disciple. She is currently working on her second book, The Gift of Knowing, in which she will share her own personal journey of spiritual awakening and how each person can find the divine within him- or herself.

Formerly an elementary education teacher, Sharon has a B.A. Psychology and a M.Ed. in Science Education. She is a certified hypnotist and a licensed minister.

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