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Dear Sharon,

I like the open style of your writing.  I find that I resonate with the spiritual and human thoughts and experiences that are part of the awakening to the ever present soul in our lives.

Thank you for your writing and replying to my e-mail.  I found the message from AAMichael to be very appropriate and timely.

It was the only one I had placed on my website.

God works in loving and healing ways.

I believe in the Most Benevolent Outcomes,

Anne H., New Jersey

Hi. My name is Selina.

I just wanted to say thank you for writing the book. Now I know that there is a group of people going through similar [experiences] to what I have been experiencing. If possible, I would like to stay in contact with you and with John in case I can be of any help in your endeavors.

Dear Sharon,

Your book was just wonderful!!! Thank you for faithfully following your Sacred Heart urgings and completing John of Old, John of New. Your talent and perceptions were right on, and yielded a wonderful tale. I repeatedly noticed throughout the book that you patiently followed through with what you felt was important work. Your diligence and perseverance inspired me. I loved the passages describing self-doubt about competency to channel Jesus. I am quite familiar with feelings of doubt and limitation. How great it was to see the way you overcame the negative thoughts with the help of John and Jeshua! I, for one, am very happy you recorded all of your story, yours and John's.

A fellow disciple,

Dolly D., Houston, Texas

Dear Sharon,

I live in the UK and heard your fascinating interview on with Barry Eaton so decided to buy your book. It arrived in good time and in good condition and only took a few days to read because it is just fantastic.

So I thought I would email you just to say thank you for having the courage to be so honest and truthful about yourself and your experiences. It means a huge amount to me because I felt enormously touched by the pure energy and unconditional love you have for everyone but particularly between you and John. The huge courage shown by you and John to be so honest, open and truthful has made this beautiful, amazing and extremely important spiritual message accessible to everyone.

I started my conscious path to spiritual enlightenment four years ago and I feel that I am and will be more so, part of the change that is now taking place but a theme of courage has come into my consciousness frequently because I know in my heart that we all need to start speaking "the truth" more—the truth that is needed now—to be the change and this can be very difficult. The courage both of you have shown is truly inspiring and I thank you from deep within my heart for that. To know that two highly evolved spirits like you and John have the same physical traumas as the less enlightened gives me great hope, particularly when experiencing my own spiritual growth/physical trauma moments!

I hope that one day I may experience your amazing energies and I hope you can continue to find the courage and energy to bring this message of awakening to the masses.

I send you both lots of unconditional and heartfelt love and gratitude.

Dave P., England, UK

Hi Sharon,

Just a note to follow up and let you know that I really enjoyed the book. It is a very inspiring tale and many who walk a spiritually conscious journey will find both comfort and inspiration as they relate to the stories of Sharon and John ! It is true for me certainly.

I found it interesting to have recently moved back from St Louis where I spent a year, to Canada, and was travelling to Fort Lauderdale to take a cruise as I read through the story. Many little synchronicities [in the book] to add charm to my experience.

Thank you for the work you put into this and your heartfelt efforts in all you do.

Best regards and many thanks Sharon.

John R., Ottawa, Canada

I'm blown away by the book. I love the way you wrote [it]. It's so exciting to read. I'm going to be sorry when I get to the end.

Lara Jayne Perry, Katy, Texas

Did I like the book? Yes, Yes and I can't put it down!

Teresa Farquhar, Portland, Oregon

I stayed up past my bedtime because I couldn’t put it down! [My son] said he wants to read it after I’m done.

Barbara Hunt, Springfield, VA

I am LOVING the book. I am so honored that I am a character in your book. I am also really blessed to know you and believe this work is so important. It is bringing back all my 444 memories and my feeling of connectedness to divine.

Kim Bunick DeNeffe, Portland, Oregon

I've struggled all my life with DO-ing instead of BE-ing. So Jesus' words really strike home, and I need to learn how to simply be still and receive - not just His grace, but my prosperity and guidance that I want. It's been such a comfort to read that I'm now in a stage similar to what you have both been through.

Holly Matson, Painesville, Ohio

I am just so impressed by all of this. You have done a beautiful job. I was especially happy to see something you put in the introduction about how God is everywhere and we do not need a spiritual intermediary for us. It really changed the way I looked at God and religion. In the past I turned away from God because I absolutely hated the way that people looked at religion, [the] politics of the church [and] the fact that you were considered a "bad Christian" if you didn't go to church every Sunday. I guess I really shouldn't say I "turned away from God". I still had faith [but] I just didn't care for the way you were "supposed" to worship him.

Your book really touched me.

Carolyn Waite, Kinsman, Ohio

After reading the earlier pages… portions I knew about… I hit unknown, new stuff and I can't put the book down… I thought I knew all parts of you all's story, so the book did not entice me for long…now it’s like a magnet. [There are a] lot of good messages from Jesus in the book! [And] Sarah's reading was awesome!

Anup Pandey, Austin, Texas

I'm the President of Merging Hearts Holistic Center [in North Canton, Ohio]. I just finished reading your book yesterday! It is faaaaantastic!!! Nice work! I kept telling my partner, Wayne, about different sections, so now he is reading it too (and he doesn't read many books!) He's loving it! Several others in our group have read it and they're raving about your work and John's story! Wow!

Jeanne Grimes, North Canton, Ohio

The book HAS ARRIVED, and I have started to read it. The first pages are giving me goose pimples. . . Opening [your] heart and inner world to the outer [world] today is definitely [a] vulnerable walk, but somewhere I have heard that in order to be such an open person your heart is much more stronger than we imagine. Above [the fact] that you are the messengers, you are driven by forces far stronger and overwhelming and I do believe that if this is the case they would not let you go into the open field in the first place without believing in you to be sufficiently strong. And now it seems these are times to openly say what you have to say. You and John have done a gigantic step on your trail and my love and energy are with you all the way.

Igor Lah, Zagreb, Croatia

Friday evening was our family Christmas gathering, and John [Davis, my uncle] brought along several copies of the book. It's currently Sunday afternoon and I've read through it cover to cover. Needless to say I enjoyed the read. I wanted to tell you that I thought you did a wonderful job encapsulating the stories that I have heard so many times. Even though I knew most of what was to be written in the book, I must say that I couldn't have enjoyed it any more, even if I'd been new to this whole scenario.

Erik Sweimler, Rehoboth Beach, Delaware

I believe it was June, after John and you were at our OMS meeting, when I finally read your book. Actually I read it all the day I purchased it at our bookstore [at the Unity Chapel of Light in Tallmadge, Ohio].

I was truly intrigued by the story, especially since I had known about most of John's story but found myself very involved with your story as well. I loved the way you blended the stories of [the] two; two individuals finding your spirit selves and helping one another along the way. I had never before read the story of someone who had channeled and all the questions that one would ask about worthiness to do the job, and all the growth in self confidence that your path would require. Thank you for this story!!

Donna Joseph, Akron, Ohio

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