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Mary Magdalene Workshop

13th April.2011.

Sharon came for a very successful tour of England and spent the first week with me and Lyn and Graham Whiteman. The day after she arrived, even though she was somewhat jet lagged, she was doing Readings (mine included) and a talk in the evening. On the Saturday she gave workshops, which were well presented in a charming manner. The highlight had to be with the arrival of the presence of Mary Magdalene which touched so many people's hearts.

On the Sunday she was our guest speaker at our Third Essene Gathering and spoke about her personal experiences in a lively manner. She also talked about her work with John Davis (John of Old, John of New). Sharon started to channel Mary Magdalene, - whoosh her presence was in the room with us, the energy was high and Sharon hugged and gave a message from Mary Magdalene to all those that wished to receive this. Again this connected so deeply with those present and touched their hearts.

Sharon's ability to bring through Mary Magdalene is amazing and I admire her humility, surrender and integrity when she does this. Also her honesty, clarity and preparation when she does her readings. My friends have all reported how helpful these readings have been for them. Mine was also clear and I particularly liked her insight into several personal issues which are concerning me at the present moment.

Stuart reports that Sharon was a very inspiring and empowering presence.

Sharon, thank you so much for coming from the USA and giving of your best. It was a joy to be with you and connect up with you again. I appreciate your generosity, your sense of fun, a true friend from many lifetimes. We look forward to seeing you in the UK again.

Joanna Prentis, D.Hyp. Past Life Therapist, co-author with Stuart Wilson of "Power of the Magdalene: The Hidden Story of the Female Disciples".

Sharon Prince is a charismatic channeler and intuitive whose nurturing nature draws you in and lifts you up. She touches the lives of people she meets wherever she goes and she is an eloquent communicator. I have enjoyed every one of her events that I have attended from launching the publishing of her book John of Old, John of New to [listening to] the radio talk shows she has done, to channeling Mary Magdalene. I would highly recommend you check out what she has for you.

Barbara Patterson, (Arbonne Representative), The Woodlands, Texas, March, 2011

Sharon's Mary Magdalene presentation was powerful, riveting and inspiring. Her genuine, loving, and knowledgeable approach eased us into a fascinating journey as we learned about the history and existing spiritual essence/energy of the Goddess Mary Magdalene. The message that Sharon channeled was profound and life changing. I highly recommend this class to anyone who yearns for the truth.

Nancy C. (Elementary School Nurse), Katy, Texas, March, 2011

I thoroughly enjoyed the Mary Magdalene workshop with Sharon. It was very clear that Mary Magdalene was present at the event. I could feel when she came to the room. I found it incredibly interesting how the group manifested. There were three men present who seemed to represent the holy trinity. There were also three women present, including me, who had prior personal relationships with Mary Magdalene. The three of us, again a trinity, seemed to hold a space for Sharon to bring Mary Magdalene to the group of twelve participants. Nothing seemed remotely coincidental. It was truly uplifting and extremely powerful.

I highly recommend the workshop to anyone interested in the divine feminine energy that the world so passionately needs. I also had a personal reading with Sharon, and I would recommend that as well. She was very skilled at connecting her guides to mine, and they all showed up and participated including ascended masters and master guides. It was truly amazing, given that she knew absolutely nothing about me prior to the reading.

Thanks so much, Sharon. Sincerely,

C. I. (University Professor), Austin, Texas, February 2011

The MM Workshop was very insightful and uplifting. I enjoyed it very much! [There was] lots of great information on Mary Magdalene, and MM had a very special message for each of us which was very heart-warming--lots of great energy around. There even seemed to be some spirits that were hanging around that were interested in what was going on as well!! I even got to see Mary Magdalene’s silhouette before she came to Sharon to share her special message to each of us!!

Thanks Sharon. Your classes are always the best for learning more about us and why we are here on our [spiritual] missions of spreading the loving, pure white light! Sharon, your aura was very bright yesterday :) That was very neat to see! I want to thank you again for saving me spiritually. If I had not met you when I had, I would still be very lost and might have given up on why I came here and let fear and pain eat me up completely! Thank you so much and can’t wait for your next class.

Allison D. (Quality Control Advisor), Houston, Texas, March 2011

First I want to admit I was a bit skeptical about this class . . . but something compelled me to just go and see. I have never experienced someone channeling before and was curious to see what it was all about. There isn't a lot of information around about Mary Magdalene, and I love Sharon and her classes—I always bring back something—so I wanted to see what information she had found. I am what some would call a witch, but lately I like the term light worker. I am saying this only because you may think this class is religious but it's not. My advice would be if you feel compelled to go, and everything works out in that favor, you need to just go experience this class. Like all of Sharon's classes you will take something out of it and we can always use pieces to our puzzles. You won't regret it.

Brittney A. (Lead Dispatcher, Cable Company), Houston, Texas, March 2011

Dear Friends, [newsletter to Soul Group who attended at Dennington Hall]
Just a note to say what an amazing evening we had with Sharon Prince! It was a wonderful occasion and everyone really enjoyed themselves. The session on Mary Magdalene was both fascinating and most revealing. Her personal messages to everyone present were amazing, touching and very revealing to all those who received them. The room was full of light energy, and I don’t know about the rest of you, but I was floating on a complete high for the whole of the next day. My grateful thanks to Sharon for coming to visit us and giving us such a wonderful experience . . . very moving!

-James Maberly (Artist, Event Organizer) Framlingham, Suffolk, U.K. April 2011

Dear Sharon,
Thank you so much for being in our part of Suffolk last night. It was a beautiful event and the connection with Mary Magdalene was full of love. I am honoured to connect with you in this lifetime.

John V. N., Suffolk, UK

Goddess Workshop

The Goddess Workshop makes learning fun, or should I say Sharon makes educating others fun?  It was worth every penny and more.  I just ordered four books for friends and am hoping to have a private workshop scheduled at my home.  This is how impressive and empowering I found the information.  She breaks each of the Goddesses down to a relatable person of today’s society.  I attended the workshop 2 days ago and have already sent out an email to 8 friends.

J. Miller, Houston, TX (Age: 42)

Thank you for leading me to my inner Goddess, Athena (with a dash of Hestia and Demeter). I’m ready for Part II and some wine!

Rebecca Rae, Houston, TX

This is another class to take to help [you] realize who you are and recognize and work on the good and bad aspects of yourself. If you are a woman, this is a good one to take!

Brittany, Houston, TX

[I gained] a better understanding of myself.

A.D., Houston, TX

Moving forward…inspired.

Pat B., Houston, TX

Intuition Development Workshops

I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I enjoyed your class last night and how important it is that you are providing a forum for people to tap into their intuition, understand it better and most of all USE it – practice is so important in the process! Thanks for all that you are and all that you do!

Peggy S.

I loved the class and meeting all of the people. It’s great to connect with people who are interested to learn more about their higher self and all that the universe has in store for us.

Sally M.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the class! This was very good for us. As I was telling [my friend who also attended the class]—and I think you were also saying this in the class as well—that our spirits already know this information . . . but it's as if our consciousness needs to be told these things. I think it always helps to be in a surrounding of people that are like us, as well. I know this was needed for me. Also, your spirit and smile are always appreciated! I will be coming to other classes and staying connected.

Brooke W.

Thanks again for the class, it was fun!

I enjoyed your stories tonight and seeing other people confirming with their own experiences. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next class.

Chris A.

Thank you for a great class!

David H.

I enjoyed class very much and am looking forward to the next one!

Allison D.

Hi everyone........I just had to share this..........Last evening, 5 of us met for Sharon's 2nd level on Clairvoyance, it was really amazing........we were focusing on the ability to see auras thru her instruction..........absolutely amazing stuff..........

When you see something yourself, you have doubts........when all 5 of us saw basically the same thing (little variation on communication) we were astounded..........validation comes to mind.........:o).........just had to share.


I will be out of town [when you give your next workshop on Clairaudience]. That really sucks though because the workshop format (i.e. Advanced Clairvoyance Workshop) is AWESOME. I really enjoyed myself and learned that while I am a C student seeing auras I am an A- student seeing entities and getting image transmissions to my mind....good to know.

Pa-lease offer the workshop again!


Hi Sharon,

I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed the workshop and the company last night. Also, the next time you’re back in town, I’d like to schedule a time to do a past life regression reading.



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