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Sharon has an incredible gift. Out of all the readers I’ve been to, she has been by far the most accurate, speaking the truth with clarity and courageously, untainted by ego or ulterior motives. She is compassionate, has a lovely sense of humour and a wonderful energy. She does her work with loving kindness and genuinely cares about her clients and this really makes a difference to the quality of the reading. I had my reservations when I booked a reading via Skype, but it turned out I was completely wrong – it is identical to being in the same room, if not better as there is more freedom to focus on the message being relayed. I would recommend Sharon without hesitation to anyone who is looking for guidance.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Kim L. London, UK

Hi Sharon,

I'm still reliving over and over again our phone session a few days ago. I'm really digesting what you said. It was such a wonderful experience. I LOVED it!

Thanks again for all your wonderful insights! You're gift is/was such a blessing to me!

Hugs and Hugs!

Melanie H., Houston,TX

Hi Sharon,

I know that you meet alot of people and you probably don't remember me personally but I met you when you were in Virginia Beach at the ARE. We did a telephone reading shortly after that when you were back in Texas, like in the beginning of March. At the time my house was chaos, my daughter out of control and her son (my grandson) was with his father instead of her. Well you told me that part of my journey was to set boundries and that I should seek a spiritual counselor to help me.

Well after my reading I googled "spiritual counselor virginia beach" and I found the most amazing woman, Pamela Hopkins, certified social worker and healer (and she takes insurance)!!! Anyway, I've been seeing Pamela for over a year now and she has helped me tremendously! My daughter spent 5 weeks in drug rehab and is on the road to recovery thanks to me learning how to set my boundries!! I just wanted to thank you for leading me in the right direction. I have a ways to go but I'm learning. You have a special gift, and because of you I have been able to reach some of my goals! Thank you Sharon and feel free to share this letter as a testimonial!!


Nancy P., Virginia Beach, VA

Hi Sharon,

I wanted to thank you again for the reading that I had this afternoon. It lifted my spirits quite a bit and made me feel as though I had a purpose (something that I frequently wonder about).

God bless you and thank you,

Laureen P., California

Hello Sharon,

My reading yesterday was wonderful, it gave me the direction I needed.  Thank you so much for your insights in my reading.

Debra S., Houston,TX


I am still giggling after our session. I am so excited about all the possibilities we discussed and just know I'm in for a lot of fun. 

Thank you so much for everything.

Love lots,

Terri Z., Cleveland, OH


Thank you for the session…

I am so grateful you were able to squeeze me in on Friday. It was such a happy confirmation of the direction I should be going in and it is keeping me from dwelling on [my husband’s] illness and all the bleakness around that issue…

Thank you, thank you, thank you and wishing you the best,

Karen H., San Antonio, Texas

Hello Sharon!

I was just going to thank you again for my reading! It was very enlightening and uplifting! I'm excited for some of my friends to meet with you in the future, as well as with me again! [My friend] and I are already planning to do the [psychic] party, and are excited about it! Hope all is well in your life, and I will see you soon!

Thanks again,

Brandyn W., Houston, TX


Thank you so much for the reading. You have given me a lot to think about!

I really appreciate your generosity of time and spirit.

Thanks again,

Peggy, Houston, TX

Hi Sharon,

Thank you so much for the reading [you gave me] yesterday. It left me feeling excited and happy about my life. You have such a warm energy and it was a pleasure talking to you.

Take good care,

Maureen K., Philadelphia

Thank you for your advice & for helping me to find direction.

Steve O., Houston, TX

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